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Company Profile

    Haisi (Langfang) Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 30, 2018 by Mr. Shao Baosheng, a professional who has been engaged in marine instrument research for more than 20 years. It is a professional marine instrument science and technology company keen on innovation and research .

    At present, the company has set up four departments and three groups of offices, with more than 100 employees, among which R & D personnel account for about 60%. There are more than 60 kinds of products on sale, such as watertight wire harness system, ocean buoy integration, underwater robot, underwater camera and so on, and about 10 kinds of innovative products are under development and testing.

    The company adheres to the cultural concept of exquisite innovation, down-to-earth, unity and cooperation, and pursuit of excellence. In 2020, we will invest more research and development efforts to improve our technology and ensure the quality of products. Haisi is willing to make progress hand in hand with you and contribute its own strength to the Marine career.

Architecture diagram:

Functions at all levels:

CEO: overall control of the company's development and direction.

Supervisor: assist general manager to solve all kinds of detailed matters.

  Head of r & d department: review and plan all matters of r & d department and communicate with all departments.

    Leader of r&d team 1: responsible for the r&d of wiring harness system, and led the team members to complete the tasks of the team with quality and quantity guaranteed.

    Leader of r&d team 2: responsible for the development of new products, and led the team members to complete the tasks of the group with quality and quantity guaranteed.

    Leader of r&d team 3: responsible for the research and development of Marine winch system, and led the team members to complete the work tasks of the group with quality and quantity guaranteed.

  Head of product department: control and plan all matters of product department and communicate with all departments.

    Production team leader: responsible for the communication with the purchasing team, and the production of various parts.

   Welding team leader: responsible for communication with purchasing group, assembly and welding of each part.

   Debugging team leader: responsible for compiling product baseline, tooling debugging and calibration system, as well as overall product acceptance.

  Marketing director: responsible for product investment promotion, publicity, planning, copywriting, sales, and communication with all departments.

  Head of engineering department: be fully responsible for the safety of engineering staff, project risk control, budget, bill review, various difficult problems on site and communication between various departments.

    Each leader of the engineering team: responsible for the safety of the whole team, assist the minister in site investigation, plan making, installation and debugging, and deal with related problems.

    Head of procurement team: responsible for all matters concerning quantity purchase, warehousing, delivery and express delivery, and communication with various departments.

    Business team leader: responsible for office supplies procurement, document preparation and collation. Website operation and maintenance, telephone records, summary of Internet messages, guest reception, timely communication with various departments.

    Finance group leader: fully responsible for financial related matters.


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