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Technical Support

Technical parameters and related test indexes of Heise watertight connector

WET-CON series joints can set smaller ports on pressure vessels and achieve better conductivity in narrow space. Smaller cables can reduce overall weight and reduce the pull of cables on equipment. The joint has moisture-proof property, so it can be used in underwater facilities, wharfs or various weather conditions.

Material Science

This product is vulcanized by professional chloroprene rubber. The locking sleeve is made of polyformaldehyde resin (POM), which is a light weight, durable and environmentally friendly polymer material, commonly known as Saigang. The stainless steel and brass materials used in the products can be arranged according to customers'needs.

Market application

Possible applications: underwater television, lights, submarine communications, remote control submarine systems, submarines, towed array cables, hydrology, water pollution and water quality monitoring instruments and equipment, food and pharmaceutical industry equipment, other instruments and equipment.


This product has passed strict quality testing, including low-pressure immersion test, full mate/de-mate and high-pressure cycling test to 1000psi.

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